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Jodi and Roli’s beautiful wedding in France

We are excited to share this beautiful wedding at Rambouillet & Dampsmesnil in France. Jodi and Roli’s story is unreal! One day Roli picked up a poker chip on the street. Usually he doesn’t pick things up like that but he felt he should do it for some reason. Later on, he was thinking if he should go out for the night or not… remembered about the poker chip, wrote one side “oui” and other other side “non” and flipped the chip… the answer was oui (yes). He went out alone to this dance place, and found this beautiful girl in the room. She spotted at him as well, both interested in each other. As she was dancing on the floor, other guys tried to dance with her but she was just enjoying the dance herself. He approached her and asked her if he could dance with her – the rest is the story!

Here is what the photographer had to say after the wedding:

I am very honored that I could photograph their engagement shoot and wedding day photos, for the couple who has been showing me what real love is. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of your special day 🙂

Jodi and Roli’s beautiful wedding in France in pictures

About the photographer:

Kay Salera Based in Hawaii and Paris is a wedding photographer available worldwide. You can view more of Kay’s work on her Facebook page.

Jodi & Roli’s wedding suppliers:

photography: Kay Salera

civil wedding: Mairie de Rambouillet Church

wedding: Église Saint Lubin et Saint Jean Baptiste Chateau

reception: Château d’Aveny

dress: Creativ Croitorie Comanda-Pal Violeta

MUAH: Angelica Corpuz M

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