A relaxed wedding in Cologne – Magdalena and Jann

Jann and me met when we were 16. He was my first love at the time and he still is. Jann proposed to me when we were 20. It took us 5 years to actually get married. It was just the right time, the summer last year was just beautiful and we`ve finished University. The Braunweiler Abbey is just 10 min away from my parents home. I loved it there as a child and it was my first (and only) choice.

Says Magdalena

It was a relaxed wedding exactly as the couple wanted. There was no pressure on the couple to book the photographer well in advance or to discuss the wedding day in fine details well in advance. The couple met with the photographer for the first time on their wedding day.

Magdalena reached out to me one month before her wedding. There was no time for meet ups or further information. The only thing I knew was that Magdalena wanted her wedding day to be a relaxed gathering of her closest loved ones, down to earth and unpretentious. Apart from that I basically didn’t have any clue what to expect. It turned out to be one of the most relaxed getting ready shoots I’ve ever done.

Says Lina, the photographer

The whole day was filled with a warm hearted almost dreamy atmosphere. The Brauweiler Abbey, a very known and traditional wedding venue near Cologne, is one of the venues that stands for itself, without trying. There’s not much decoration needed, the play of light and shadows which is there for the whole day makes everything look golden and soft.

Magdalena’s wedding dress, seemed to be made just for her and for this spot. A classy cut with a backless wink.

Both Magdalena and Jann were laughing, kissing and joking around most of the time. I haven`t met many couples that were able to show their love for each other in front of the camera so easily like they did.

Adds Lina, the photographer

The couple wanted to have a simple, relaxed wedding. They wanted the guests to enjoy the venue to sit in the sun or enjoy the shade. They kept decorations to a minimum, classic and pastel, as they liked how the venue looked originally with its light spots and shadows and it worked. The guests were relaxing and chatting, kids were playing around and they wanted the photographer to capture the atmosphere and the mood of the day.

The bride was wearing her mum’s jewellery as it was important for her to wear something very personal. Magdalena also opted in for a second hand wedding dress.

We tried to do as much as possible on our own (even the wedding cake) and invest in the really important things. Our wedding cake was made by my cousin. We asked our friends and family to bake something… it was yummy!

My dress was backless and I wanted to make it the only highlight and keep the rest classy. I`m not a princess or boho type. This dress was just perfect.

Says the bride

A relaxed wedding in Cologne – Magdalena and Jann

About the photographer

Lina is a wedding photographer based in Cologne in Germany and she is available for weddings throughout Europe. You can view more of Lins’s wedding photography work on her website.

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