Things to consider when booking a wedding venue in Sligo, Ireland

Have you got engaged recently and are contemplating a wedding in the county of Sligo, Ireland? Congratulations! You’re absolutely right. Here is a simple wedding guide to assist you in turning your dream into reality.

Every year, more and more couples are searching for exciting wedding venues Sligo and choosing this gorgeous country as their top option. 

If you’re looking to plan the greatest wedding day you’ve ever had, choose your location carefully to be ready for any eventuality (weather conditions included). The process of planning weddings in Ireland doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s stressful, and can be a thrilling adventure.

Newly married couple celebrating at a wedding venue in Sligo

Planning a wedding in Sligo

Absolutely, Sligo in Ireland is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful spots on earth and offers a variety of breathtaking wedding venues to celebrate your wedding ceremony. From breathtaking, lush landscapes, breathtaking coastlines, stunning rock cliffs, to stunning real-life castles and stunning luxurious resorts. 

The most stunning wedding scene is virtually assured. It is a fact that the Irish people are renowned all over the world for being welcoming, friendly, and relaxed. This is the reason Ireland is known as a place that has a hundred thousand welcomings.

Best venues In Sligo, Ireland

Are you planning a wedding in Sligo or searching for the ideal Irish wedding location? I’ve put together an extensive list of the top locations for weddings in this beautiful part of Ireland.

Ireland has long been one of the most popular wedding destinations for couples from all across the globe. From castles with luxury to gorgeous country homes, the country is renowned for its hospitality, scenic beauty, and delicious food. What’s not to like to love? There’s so much to do and see on our small green island.

Castle Dargan

The castle is located in Yeats County, with 170 acres of parkland and ancient woodlands set against Sligo’s gentle hills. With breathtaking vistas of fresh water brooks, old stone walls, and the ruins of an old castle, Castle Dargan Estate is the epitome of beauty and history. A perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

There, family and friends can mix and mingle while enjoying your drink reception by the open flame of the log fireplace with the grand piano playing in the background. Outside, you can sit on the lawn enjoying the Summer sunshine, as the sprawling estate serves as the most beautiful background.

There’s no setting that is more stunning for your wedding ceremony than this one. This wedding venue has been awarded numerous awards and is well-known to be one of the best wedding locations in west Ireland. Castle Dargan Estate is a fantastic choice for weddings since it is committed to culinary and service quality, and it has an attentive and knowledgeable wedding team. Castle Dargan Estate is your perfect romantic wedding location whatever the time of the year.

Temple House

Couples who wish to bring guests back to the natural world, however, also want something grander for their wedding, Temple House in Co. Sligo is a fantastic option. It’s a Georgian country mansion and an exclusive wedding venue that boasts stunning interiors, a sprawling estate of 1,000 acres as well as 1,600 sheep (who could or might not be featured in your wedding photos! ) It’s truly a beautiful location, offering a variety of possibilities for your wedding day.

Markree Castle

Markree Castle, with its tranquil atmosphere, beautiful 500-acre grounds, as well as luxurious accommodations, is the perfect venue for a wedding and also the flexibility to plan a wedding you’ve always wanted.

One of the advantages that are Markree is that your guest and guests can use Markree just like your home, including an evening reception with drinks at our Grand Hall in front of the fireplace and a five-course dinner with our own individual adjacent dining rooms, and dancing in our specially designed entertainment area, with an enticing Gin or Whiskey bar. It’s like having a party in the castle!

Markree Castle is the perfect location for a destination wedding in Ireland. The privateness for up to 210 guests is assured by the vast estate as well as the castle’s natural setting. Every guest is treated like a king or queen by the extravagant location but also by the exceptional standard of service provided by the staff members.

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