Ways to create memorable wedding photos

Wedding sparklers send off - memorable wedding photos

Creating wedding photos that you can be proud of relies heavily on your artistic abilities. Whether you have hired a professional wedding photographer or you’re doing it alone, an artistic eye is vital to making your wedding photos as memorable as possible. Here are a few concepts to help you get your creative juices flowing.

How to create memorable wedding photos

One way to create memorable wedding photos is to have a trusted friend or family member take the photographs and give them to you for editing. While some photos may be perfect on their own, others may need touching up. If you don’t already have photo editing software there are online programs that will allow you to edit your photos for free.

Depending on the editing program you use, you may be able to use various shapes to crop your pictures. This can help you easily create a collage of photos that capture the most significant moments of your wedding day. For example, your collage could include cropped photos of the bride and her father walking down the aisle, the ring exchange, cake cutting and first dance. You can create several collages that capture different groups at your wedding, such as your immediate family, your childhood friends, college roommates, etc.

To highlight mother/son, father/daughter and other pairs of dancers in your wedding photos you can use an editing program that allows you to create a vignette blur.

Another way to make your wedding photos more memorable is to go back and include background text that adds to the picture. Text boxes can be placed anywhere on a photo and you can choose a font that doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. A picture taken on the beach with blue water in the background can be enhanced with blue text that appears to be an extension of the water.

Making your wedding photos more memorable

To highlight one specific aspect of a wedding photo you can filter out the background of the picture so that one’s eyes are directed exactly to the subject of the picture. In the case of a photo of the bride holding her bouquet another way to make it more memorable is to make the photo black and white but leave the flowers in the bouquet their original colors.

Creating memorable photos is something you can do on your wedding day as well. Aside from the standard photos every couple takes, be sure to include some unusual ones that capture the emotions and the fun of the day. Examples include having your flower girl and ring bearer or junior bridesmaids playing an impromptu game of peek-a-boo with the bridal veil. You can also use props like wedding sparklers to make certain things in your photos stand out more or just to give them more excitement.

Greeting your guests as they arrive for the ceremony is something that not everyone thinks to photograph, but these photos can be memorable mementos for the most important people in your life. Have your photographer take photos of you greeting each guest and then turn those photos into a collage after the wedding. This makes it easy to always remind yourself who cared enough to be there for you on your big day. You can also ask your photographer to capture the moment when you and your new spouse leave the reception. The more meaningful your exit is the more you will cherish this and all of the other pictures that will result from your wedding day.

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