Rustic wedding ring bucket

Top alternatives to wedding ring pillows

Regardless your wedding theme (rustic, chic, country, beach, you name it…), you don’t have to be traditional and use a ring pillow. Add a personal touch to your big day. Check out our list below on wedding ring pillow alternatives and complete your unity with a special ring presentation.

Alternative wedding ring carriers

Rustic buckets are a great alternative to traditional wedding ring pillows.

Something borrowed

One of the sweetest things you can use to hand over the wedding rings is a little something sentimental and borrowed. Rings can be specially transported down the aisle in something meaningful like your grandfather or father’s pocket watch, a small jewelry box that belonged to a favorite aunt or your grandmother, tied to a vintage cowbell or saucer that you have always admired in a loved one’s house.

Something from the sea

If your wedding is beach or nautical themed tie the rings to a seashell with a ribbon for a gorgeous alternative to a wedding ring pillow.

Wooden ring box

Little wooden boxes make adorable alternatives to traditional wedding ring pillows. Etch them with cute sayings like “With This Ring I Thee Wed” or “We Do”. Have your initials or wedding date printed as a keepsake for your big day.

Wedden wedding ring boxes

Alternative wooden wedding ring boxes, pic courtesy of

Your favourite book

Choose a book, and place the rings in a cut out heart in the middle. From the bible to a book you both love as a couple, or something that is a symbol of your love this idea makes for a nice photographic moment.

The good old pocket & sign

Sometimes your ring bearer might be too little to entrust with your precious rings, instead give your little guy a cute entrance with a sign that says something like “It’s too late to run because here she comes!”, and tuck the rings safely in the Best Man’s pocket.

here she comes wedding sign
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