Things you shouldn’t do in wedding photography

Like all other jobs, there are some shoulds and shouldn’t in photography as well. As wedding photography is mostly a formal function, you have to follow those norms. Otherwise, you may mess it up.

Things you shouldn’t do in wedding photography

You may think you may shoot random photos and use a background removing service if you have something unwanted in the background. However, it is not only about keeping the photos right. It comprises some other thing as well. You should avoid doing those things. My today’s article is about the things you should avoid at a wedding ceremony as a
photographer. Let’s dive in.

Being Nervous

You may have to endure a lot of stress on the wedding day. Because people of different age and mentality will come. They may ask you for shooting photos at their wish. Show confidence. Do not show nervousness at that time. If you become nervous your shots will not be up to the

Sharing Problems with Your Clients

The clients usually have no idea about camera gears or any functions of the camera. So, if you find any technical problem, do not share it with them. Solve it yourself if you can. Because if you share any technical problem with them, they may make it a big one. So, avoid interacting with your clients about any technical issues.

Using Jargon

Every profession has some jargon that only the professionals of that field understand. If you use photography jargon with your clients they will not get your message. Avoid using jargon and make them understand in their own language so that there is no confusion.

Shooting Alone

Either you shoot as a junior, or you take an assistant for you. Never go for shooting alone. That will be a blunder. Because wedding photography requires a team to work together to produce the best result.

Inappropriate Dressing Sense

Many photographers take a bohemian look and go for a shooting. That may be okay for other kinds of photography. But wedding photography is one kind of formal photography. You have to maintain a decent look so everyone gets impressed. Your dressing sense will create an
impression, so make it positive.

Being Late

The wedding ceremony is a busy day for every person attending the function. There are so many other things to do for the attendees. So, if you get late on that day, that would be bad news for everyone. So, try to maintain the schedule. Do not be late. Moreover, you have to
make an agenda so that it becomes easy for you to follow the schedule.

Shooting Without Signing Contract

That’s an important point to note. Before confirming your clients that you are going to shoot their wedding ceremony, make sure they make a contract with you. That will have all the details about the shooting. How many photos you will take, the number of poses, trailer, and the number of RAW files, edited files, etc.

These are the common things you should maintain at a wedding photoshoot. You cannot show how you are feeling, how your camera is doing. Always stay confident. Best of luck for you.

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