Things to consider when booking a wedding venue in Canterbury, NZ

One thing that couples planning a wedding in Canterbury will enjoy is an abundance of great spaces. There are so many lovely wedding venues in Canterbury that you’ll be spoiled for choice. From majestic wedding venues at Christchurch to the natural wonders of Kaikoura, Canterbury has it all. Your wedding pictures will also come out amazing as these venues are breathtaking and will impress.

If you’re planning to have your wedding in Canterbury, these are some reasons why this region is popular with couples. Start your search for a venue by checking a wedding directory. You’ll find on offer many venues with lovely packages. You could even be lucky enough to find some discounts to help you make some savings on your wedding budget.

Wedding directories also make it easy to compare wedding venues as they’ll be listed side by side. You can then easily create a list of the venues you find attractive enough to check out. Before you book a one, however, there are some details you should pay attention to. Here are six important things to consider when booking a wedding venue in Canterbury, NZ.


Whether you’re choosing a beautiful resort or a stunning beachside space, location matters. It would be best if you only went for a wedding venue that is accessible to you and your guests. Guests should easily be able to move from lodgings to your wedding venue and back. It should also be the same if you’re using multiple venues for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Guest Capacity

Your wedding venue in Canterbury should have enough space for all your guests. This is important when it comes to things to consider when booking. The best kind of venue will not be too big or too small for your wedding. A venue that is too big will hinder intimacy and add an unwanted forlorn air to your event. A wedding venue that is too small could be a safety hazard. Your wedding venue should be just right for your number of guests and the activities you have planned.


From getting ready rooms to bathrooms, facilities are a vital aspect to consider when vetting wedding venues in Canterbury. Does your wedding venue have restrooms that are easily accessible to you and your guests? Do they also offer things like ample parking space if necessary? Make sure to have these questions answered before you book with them.


Backup is crucial for couples who are having an outdoor celebration. The weather is always an unpredictable factor when it comes to weddings outside. Make sure that your wedding venue has a backup plan alongside other amenities in case of bad weather. Please keep in mind that this can be more than rain; it could also be wind or too much sunshine.


What does your potential wedding venue in Canterbury have to say when it comes to catering? Some venues prefer in-house catering, while others would advise that you hire one yourself. They could also offer a list of caterers that they work with often for your benefit. Ask to know which your venue is okay with so that you can make preparations on time.


Your wedding pictures are souvenirs that you’ll pass down through the years. As such, they should look amazing. To achieve that, your wedding must take place at a venue with lovely views. Canterbury does not lack these, and you can request a tour of your venue to confirm yourself. Things like accessibility to the beach for wedding day pictures could also be an added advantage.

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