A Quick Guide to Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

A Quick Guide to Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding? Here is everything you need to know to melt the hearts of your guests and ward off the dreaded cold feet in one brilliantly quick guide to planning the perfect winter wedding.

Equip It

There is perhaps only one thing worse than having to brave a standard portaloo and that is having to brave a portaloo whilst wearing a wedding dress…in the middle of winter.
Then, dispense with the very idea, if not for your sake then do it for the sake of your guests and mother in law at the very least (currying favour from day one with the in laws is one of the best pieces of advice a person can give about-to-be-weds, after all) and instead furnish your winter wedding with the special touch of luxury hireable restrooms such as those provided by Event Washrooms.

Heat It

At winter weddings held in marquees or outdoors in part and with guests likely to want to grab some fresh air, it is important to consider the temperature; marquees are devoid of any real insulation, it is likely to be cold outside if not freezing (literally) and being winter the temperature is only likely to drop even lower come evening.
Then, it is definitely worth considering in investing in additional heating options. The three major options used when planning a winter wedding are:
patio heaters
fire pits and chimenea heaters
space heaters
To learn more about the pros, cons and how each work as well as what they stand to cost you, head over to the Patio Heater 4 Hire website where you can hire all three types.

Decorate It

Fire pits as mentioned above are a potential means of adding heating or additional heating to a winter wedding and also a really great way to decorate and provide a winter wedding with a toasty campfire feel. Another way to create brilliantly ambient low lighting and spread the love is to spell it out, quite literally, with hireable light up lettering such as that hireable from Light It Up UK.
Meanwhile, for more ideas and themes including ideas as to cakes, bouquets and table centre pieces and how to decorate a winter wedding, head over to the Bridal Guide website.

Favour It

Lastly, winter themed wedding favours are perhaps the most wistful of all winter favours when well thought out.
Not only is this true because most weddings being planned for the summer months few guests are likely to have ever received a winter wedding favour, but because a winter wedding favour theme also opens up potential to go for a Christmas theme and get really festive when thinking up the perfect favours.
Then, here is a quick list of come potential winter and too Christmas themed favours worth considering giving your guests:

  • chocolate coins
  • hand warmers
  • baubles (write on inexpensive coloured baubles with sharpie markers to add a personal touch)
  • woolly gloves
  • toasting marshmallows (ideal for winter weddings which feature hired fire pits)
  • tea lights
  • gingerbread men
  • vials of hot chocolate
  • Christmas crackers (to save a bundle on buying DIY Christmas cracker making kits, simply buy the cheapest in the supermarket or bargain store, carefully untwist one end, shake out the contents and fill with whatever you like if you would like to personalise your cracker favours)

You can find many more magical and wintery themed wedding favour ideas via the Etsy website. The Etsy website is also a fantastic place to shop for wedding favours as the ones created by its sellers are handmade and as such well and truly one of a kind and unlikely to have been seen or received by any of your guests ever before.

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