Engagement ring

A Quick Guide To Choosing An Engagement Ring For Your Partner

For many of us popping the question to our other halves, is one of the most daunting experiences of our lifetime. This age old tradition marks the beginning of a new chapter of both of your lives, and the gateway to a life dedicated to each other.
Choosing a ring with which suitably marks the occasion can take weeks, if not months, and with an array of choices available, finding the “one” can be a sometimes overwhelming experience.

Engagement ring
To help in the path to wedded bliss, we’ve put together our top tips for choosing the ring:


The average spend on an engagement ring stands at £1080, a figure actually decreasing over recent years. Traditionally, the ring bearer was meant to spend anywhere between 2 and 4 months worth of salary on the band, but gradually we are reigning in the purse-strings.
When trying to understand how much to spend, consider these points. Firstly, be honest on yourself, while we all like to swept off our feet, you need to set yourself an affordable budget. Don’t cause yourself financial discomfort at the expense of the ring purchase. Instead, work out the amount you can comfortably set aside. Also consider the tastes of the wearer. Perhaps vintage bling is their thing, or maybe a minimalistic diamond, different tastes and styles afford different pricing. Don’t be afraid to pick something based on preference, even if the price tag is lower than you anticipated.


When finding a ring, make sure you consider the day-to-day life of the intended wearer. If they have a particularity physical job, working in all weathers and terrains, a delicate masterpiece isn’t likely to stand the test of time. If they spend their time in water, and will be continually removing their ring, hugely valuable materials or precious gems might also not be a good idea. An expert jeweller from H Hogarth advised that, “when it comes to wear and tear there is a rule of thumb that metals such as titanium and platinum are great options when it comes to durability”.

Style & Colour:

The style of ring chosen, should ultimately come down to the individual preferences of your better half, however there are a few things to consider. Hand shape directly impacts upon the look of a ring, and it’s important to match up hand and ring shape to compliment one another. For those with long fingers, wider bands with rounded stones can help balance the look. Longer fingers also tend to be able to carry off bolder looks. For shorter fingers, a slender band paired with a more oval/rectangular stone will help elongate the look. For larger fingers, a large stone is best, paired with a medium band.
Moving away from hand shape, also consider the recipient’s natural style and colour palette. Are they a particularly bold dresser? Maybe their wardrobe is black-heavy? Make sure you consider their daily outfit when purchasing a ring. By doing this, you’ll help make sure the engagement ring forms a perfect accessory to their look. Traditionally, yellow gold has been the most popular colour for a ring, but nowadays platinum, and rose gold are becoming increasingly popular, both feminine colours. When picking a ring, make sure that the stone and band colour complement each other.

Online or In-store:

In an age of internet shopping, heading online to find the dream ring might be tempting. And indeed, what better than to spend an evening sofa-hugging with a glass of something crisp, while finding the perfect gift for your betrothed. Online shopping will indeed be a great option for you if you are time limited, and comparison of pricing is certainly much easier. Some stores even offer an online only catalogue of discounted rings if you are on a tight budget.
However, heading into your jewellers is arguable the best way to go about things. By visiting a store, not only can you gather the many years of expertise your jeweller has to offer, but you gain a valuable opportunity to see, feel, hold and even wear the rings up close. It’s often only in person that you can gain the best opinion of a ring.
However you choose to propose, by following our guide to choosing the perfect ring, you’ll help ensure that you purchase the perfect ring that declares your love and can be adored by generations to come, not just your partner.

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