Is Dubai a good place to buy engagement rings?

Are you ready to get into a serious relationship? Do you want to make it official and get engaged with your loved one? Now is the time to start looking for the engagement ring. Engagement rings are expensive and buying a diamond ring is one of the most important purchases for more than one reason.

If the price is your biggest concern, then don’t worry. You can find the right diamond within your budget if you choose to shop from Dubai. This city is referred to as the “City of Gold” and has some of the best gold, diamond, and jewelry brands. You will also find many diamond curators who will help you create your own unique design at no extra cost.

Dubai – a place to buy diamond engagement rings

Why is Dubai the best place to buy diamonds?

There are various reasons why people look to buy their engagement rings in Dubai. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Certified diamonds:

If you are looking for authentic diamond jewelry, you need to look for GIA or AGS certifications. Dubai is the best place to find the purest and the highest quality diamonds at the best possible rates.

With these certifications, you can be sure that you are getting the right value for your money. You will get exactly what you are paying for.
The reason why people trust Dubai for buying diamond rings is the jewelry markets in the city are well regulated by Dubai municipality. If you want to confirm whether or not you are getting an authentic diamond ring, you should request to see the diamond purity hallmark. The seller is obliged to provide it upon your request.

2. It is cheaper to buy diamonds from Dubai:

When you visit a jewelry market in Dubai, you will be amazed to find the widest variety of diamond ornaments and that’s not even the best part. Dubai doesn’t just have the most extensive range of diamonds but this jewelry is also the cheapest in the world.
Not only this jewelry is cheap but one of a kind in its variety and quality. Even after the implication of 5% VAT, diamond rings are available for much less than their price in the other parts of the world. Moreover, you can reclaim the tax paid at the UAE airport. Since the import duty is very low, Dubai is the ideal place to buy less expensive diamond jewelry.

3. The largest variety of diamond jewelry:

If you are looking for the widest variety of diamond rings, Dubai is the right place to shop. You will find some of the most beautiful diamond jewelry pieces in the world at jewelry stores in Dubai. Tourists from all across the world visit these stores and take an item or two home.

Dubai municipality assures the purity of diamonds sold in Dubai. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will only find the highest quality diamonds from stores in Dubai.

4. Buy diamonds at an international rate:

Dubai municipality ensures that diamonds are sold at a standard rate in all markets. It helps them ensure uniform prices all across the markets in Dubai. Similar to the stock market, rates of diamonds fluctuate now and then. This gives retailers a chance to take advantage when prices are low. But maintaining uniformity across markets, authorities make Dubai the right place to buy diamonds or diamond rings.

5. It is easier to bargain:

If the price is too high for you to afford, you can always bring it down by bargaining. According to marketers, a jewelry item that costs Dh950, 000 can be bargained down to Dh750, 000. Jewelers in Dubai are always willing to accommodate customers by reducing the cost of jewels and ornamental metals. This is their way to convert customers.

Wrapping up!

Dubai is one of the best places to buy diamonds for a variety of reasons. First of all, the prices are cheap. There is an extensive variety to choose from and you can bargain prices how you want. If you have decided to propose to your girlfriend with a diamond ring, you should shop for one from Dubai.

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