Free Wedding Website Can Help Streamline the Wedding Planning

In the best of all worlds, wedding websites would look beautiful and also include plenty of time- and money-saving features that can streamline the wedding planning process. That’s exactly what Basic Invite enables you to create with its new collection of wedding themes and templates, all of which can be combined into a fully-featured free wedding website.

Matching card designs

Each website has a full suite of matching printed designs. From invitations, to programs, place cards and more, everything is easy to customize to the look and feel of your wedding. This makes it very easy and convenient to have everything match, without a lot of unnecessary effort on your part. No more running around to stationary stores, trying to figure out if a particular shade of pink is going to match, and no more worrying about matching fonts and colors.

Free wedding website by Basic Invite

Free address collection

Use the addresses your guests provide with our free addressing service to create beautiful envelopes instantly. This immediately makes the job of sending out wedding invites easy and pain-free. And you don’t have to worry about making mistakes when filling out labels and double-checking everything for accuracy. You have enough to do when planning for your wedding, and addressing envelopes shouldn’t be one of them.

Free digital RSVP service

Collect your guests’ names, meal choices, and more. Quickly create printed place cards with your guests’ names. Again, this is an easy way that our free wedding websites can help to streamline the whole wedding planning process and save you both time and energy. Guests will be going to your website anyway, so why not make it the place to go for RSVPs as well?

Free registry website

Include links to as many wedding registries as you like and we’ll display the link on your personal wedding website. This makes it very easy for guests to go directly to your registry. Just one click, and they’ll be directed to the stores where you have registered. To see this in action, just launch the “Demo” mode on any of our website templates. You’ll see exactly how easy it is to link everything to your free wedding website.

Free photo gallery

And, of course, your free wedding website needs to look absolutely stunning as well. You have so much choice and variety with Basic Invite that you can create a wedding website that is as unique as you are. Simply upload high-resolution images to the website, and you’ll see how easy it is to organize these photos into galleries. Overall, there are 13 different themes and 180+ colors from the Basic Invite palette that you can mix-and-match as you please to create your perfect style.

Free wedding website by Basic Invite

Planning for your wedding day doesn’t have to be stressful. With a free wedding website from Basic Invite, you now have a powerful tool to take care of all the little things – like collecting addresses, mailing out invites and printing matching card designs – that go into making your wedding day the most special day of your life.

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