5 reasons to get married in the Lake District

5 Reasons to Get Married in The Lake District

5 reasons to get married in the Lake District

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When looking for an amazing place to marry here in the UK, a couple need look no further than the Lake District, and to prove that point here are just five reasons why.

1. The Venues and Accommodations

A lot of modern built hotels and venues that hold weddings and / or wedding receptions here in England and the UK are created in a sympathetic and characteristically English fashion. That is, developers and architects recognise the desire and tradition enjoyed here in the UK of marrying in a country style house; it is one, after all, that has continued for hundreds of years.
For those who do not simply crave ‘the look’, but desire authenticity and real charm, the Lake District is a fantastic place to hold a big day; opt to marry within the boundaries of the Lake District National Park and not only can you choose from a wealth of historically important and architecturally inspiring venues such as those showcased via The Lake District Country Hotels website, you can do so whilst wrapped in the velvety green blanket of fields, fells and staying beside some of the country’s most inspiring lakes and waters.

2. The Natural Beauty

Home to natural landscapes and beauty that resulted in the most famous poem in the English language to have even been written to, well, be written – that of William Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils’, the Lake District is one of the most astounding and awe inspiring places in the whole of the United Kingdom.
No region is so full of waters, lakes, mountains, fells, valleys and roving, wild countryside as the Lake District. Then and whilst wedding parties might not get the time or even have the inclination to explore these landscapes literally or actually, suffice to say, they make absolutely unique and breathtaking backdrops for a couple’s wedding photos at the very least.

3. The Catering

The Lake District and wider North West of England as a region is an absolute treasure trove of locally, organically and hand reared 100% produce, from meat to poultry to fish, shellfish and dairy.
Having more farms and countryside than almost anywhere else in the country, being situated close by the country’s premier fishing port of Morecambe and being home to the port of Whitehaven which has enjoyed a strong relationship with the rum and spice trade for well over 100 years, the Lake District makes a fantastic place to wed for those looking for a feast or simply a sumptuous spread, and whether it is an outdoor hog roast you want or a sophisticated indoor sit down meal on your big day.
To wet your appetite and get wake your taste buds to all The Lakes has to offer, give the Fell and Dales Catering website a visit.

4. The Cakes

The North is known for its humour; the harsher weather endured ‘up north’ combined with a life spent surrounded by some of the country’s most awe inspiring countryside and cleanest air, those born and bred in The Lake District never fail to find new and brilliantly creative ways to express their unique sense of humour, culture and love of their region.
Hence, the district is consequently home to the 3D Novelty Cake Company which specialises in making fun and yet professional standard cakes of almost every kind – including wedding cakes. So, to really celebrate getting hitched in The Lakes (and in true northern style) or simply to furnish your bid day with a truly unique cake, head over to the 3D Novelty Cake Company website.

5. The Flowers

What better place to turn for wedding flowers than the Lake District?
Better yet, turn to Cumbrian based master florists’ The Floristry, if you are looking for a more traditional, elegant and sophisticated wedding cake alternative to those lovingly create by the team at 3D Novelty Cakes.
The Floristry, having proved so massively popular with wedding couples looking for flowers in Cumbria, The Lakes and the North of Lancashire that they have now branched out into cake making and with results as stunning and suffice to say far tastier than their botanical master pieces. To see for yourself head straight over to The Floristry website.

Image credit: www.photolakedistrict.co.uk

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