3 Steps to the Ultimate Wedding Suite

Building the ultimate wedding suite might sound like a lot at first thought, but it’s really quite simple if you follow three main steps. Choose your colors. Pick a design. And customize. That’s really all that goes into it! At least when you are using Basic Invite as your wedding invitation vendor – only one of the many perks of choosing them to help create your one-of-a-kind invites. Everything is laid out in front of you, set up and ready to be customized.

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Choose Your Colors

First, choose your colors. Basic Invite has over 180 custom color options which means you have basically unlimited choices when it comes to the colors used in your invitation. They give you the ability to change every aspect of your design including font, borders, and everything in between.

Choosing a color might be tough for you or maybe you have something specific in mind. Either way, choosing a color is a key first step. Maybe you want to match your invites to your wedding colors, maybe you are sending your invites out in the summer, but you are having a fall wedding – will that effect the look? It’s all about to you, but the point is the choice is yours and your choices are saturated!

Pick A Design

Once you’ve chosen your colors, pick a design. With over 200 wedding invitation designs your options are endless! An easy way to narrow down your design options is to decide on a theme. A lot of times brides choose to match their wedding invites with their wedding day decor. Themes can range from vintage to botanical or traditional to modern. Taking into account the time of year you are getting married or sending out your invites is another way to nail down a design choice.

A bonus when using Basic Invite as your wedding stationery vendor is the ability to make changes to your designs making it 100% uniquely you!


Now for the fun part. It’s time to take your design and your color scheme and bring your invitation to life! Since Basic Invite offers unique instant preview technology you are able to view your edits in real-time making the personalization process so easy! You’ll be able to compare slight color hue differences and font styles until you land on the exact look you’re going for.

A bonus customization option is uploading a photo. Choose a double sided design so you can upload an image on the front and type out the information on the back. Or use a photo as the backdrop to your wedding invitation and keep the back side plain. Don’t forget to order a custom sample before placing your order in full to make sure you are happy with the quality of the card including the look and feel!

Designing custom invites is made easy with Basic Invite because you can customize your cards anywhere, anytime! Head over to Basic Invite and customize yours today.

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