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3 Great Ways To Celebrate A Friends’ Engagement

If one of your friends has recently become engaged, you’ll no doubt be thrilled for them and want to celebrate with them. Congratulations will be dished out and they may even throw an engagement party, but if it’s somebody really close to you, chances are you’ll want to celebrate with them in a more intimate way too.

Seeing a special friend who you have shared a lot of history with finally make plans to get married is a wonderful time in both of your lives, so here are a few ideas for ways that you can celebrate their happiness thoughtfully.

Get together

One of the absolute nicest ways you can celebrate your friend’s happiness is by getting together and having drinks or a pamper day so that you can fully debrief on exactly how the proposal went down, get the lowdown on any plans that have already been made, and reminisce together about the years or months that lead to this point in their lives.

If you are close friends, chances are you’ll have been with them through the length of their relationship from its inception, and perhaps through some of their less successful relationships that may have preceded this one, so it’s lovely to reminisce about how life has worked out.

Send a thoughtful gift

If you can’t be with them in person, perhaps if your friendship is long distance, it’s a nice idea to send them a gift to let them know that you’re thinking of them. They will be receiving a lot of cards wishing them congratulations, so a gift will really stand out and feel a little bit special.

You don’t have to go overboard, as the happy couple will no doubt be receiving plenty of gifts at the wedding itself, but something as simple as a beautiful engagement Flower Card will let them know you’re thinking of them and brighten their day.

If you fancy sending them something that’s practical as well as thoughtful, why not send a bridal subscription box? Blushing Bride Box create boxes with items that every bride will need on the build-up to their special day!

Offer to help out

Planning and organising a wedding is a huge task and one that is as overwhelming as it is exciting. Offering to lend a helping hand is a great way to take a bit of the load of your friend’s shoulders, and also means that you’ll get to be a part of the day, even if you’re not in the actual wedding party.

You’ll no doubt have some skills that will come in handy, whether it’s a big or small element of the day itself or just something to help with the organisation. Maybe you can design their wedding website, or you’re great at crafts and you can help them hand-make some of the decorations for the day. Or maybe you’re just a real whizz at Pinterest, which we all know is one of the most important wedding planning tools there is.

Whatever it is, your friend will definitely appreciate the offer of help, even if they don’t take you up on it. They may remember a few months down the line when things are getting on top of them and be relieved to know they have a willing aide to call upon!

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