Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

Ever wonder what your wedding photographer wishes they could tell you? Wonder no more. Here are six things that all photographers love, hate, and want you to know before your wedding.

6 things that all photographers love, hate, and want you to know before your wedding

Confessed by Meghan Grah of M. Laine Photography.

Photographers hate messy spaces

Photographing anywhere is so much easier when the location is clean and clutter-free! For example, when your photographer doesn’t have to worry about picking up or cropping out garbage strewn about while you’re getting ready on your wedding day, it makes it possible for them to put all of their focus into being creative and capturing moments as they unfold. Combat messy spaces by assigning one person from your bridal party to oversee tidying up the getting ready space. Put purses in a closet or a corner and try to keep at least one half the room clean. This will help your photographer be able to capture you and your bridal party in the moment without having to worry about half-full Starbucks cups and makeup bags strewn in the background.

Professional hair and makeup makes a difference

If you’re debating on treating yourself to professional hair and makeup on your wedding day, just do it. Professionals know all the tricks to make your appearance look fresh, no matter how long your event lasts. As a photographer, I love delivering images that I know my brides and grooms will love, and looking your absolute best throughout all your wedding photos is well worth the money. Plus, it feels good to treat yourself!

Photographers love natural light

If my clients have a choice between getting ready in a large room without windows or a smaller space with one, I’ll ask them to opt for the room with a window every time. Using natural light from a window is my favorite way to shoot indoors as it always creates beautiful lighting.

Photographers don’t expect you to feel comfortable in front of the camera

As a photographer myself, I’m not even comfortable having my photograph taken! Let it be known that we don’t expect you to have modeling experience, feel comfortable being photographed, or know what to do when we begin shooting. I tell my couples that it usually takes twenty minutes to get warmed up at the start of a shoot. If they’re nervous about taking portraits on their wedding day, I recommend that they do an engagement session prior to their big day. This gives them an opportunity to learn how their photographer shoots, get some practice posing, and understand what to expect during the wedding day. All in all, know that it is perfectly normal and okay to feel a little awkward or nervous while being photographed!

Photographers want open communication

Believe it or not, photographers appreciate knowing what your insecurities are. If you’re particularly self-conscious about a body part, your hair being out of place, or anything else, it’s helpful to let your photographer know before shooting with them. Photographers want to help you see that you’re as beautiful as your fiancé insists. If we can pose you to accentuate certain features that you love, or make other features nearly disappear, we will, but we won’t know your personal preferences if you don’t tell us.

Photographers want your trust

In the end, choose a photographer whose work you love, has great reviews, and a personality you and your fiancé love. Beyond that, I think trusting your photographer to work their magic is the best thing you can do for your photos. Trust them to bring out the best of you, to tell you if your makeup is smudged, to let you know if a pose needs adjusting, or if a location isn’t working for them. Leave all the hard work to them and focus on enjoying yourself. In the end, you’ll get photos that you love!

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