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Wedding sparklers send off

Ways to create memorable wedding photos

Creating wedding photos that you can be proud of relies heavily on your artistic abilities. Whether you have hired a professional wedding photographer or you’re doing it alone, an artistic eye is vital to making your wedding photos as memorable as possible. Here are a few concepts to help you get your creative juices flowing. One way to create memorable…

A Quick Guide to Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

A Quick Guide to Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding? Here is everything you need to know to melt the hearts of your guests and ward off the dreaded cold feet in one brilliantly quick guide to planning the perfect winter wedding. Equip It There is perhaps only one thing worse than having to brave a standard portaloo and that is having to brave a portaloo…

5 reasons to get married in the Lake District

5 Reasons to Get Married in The Lake District

When looking for an amazing place to marry here in the UK, a couple need look no further than the Lake District, and to prove that point here are just five reasons why. 1. The Venues and Accommodations A lot of modern built hotels and venues that hold weddings and / or wedding receptions here in England and the UK…

Making the most of your wedding images

Making the most of your wedding images

Your wedding images will stay with you for the rest of your life, so it is best to make the most of them. Ideally you will want both printed and digital copies of your wedding photos for various reasons. Social media Since your wedding images are priceless and can’t be replaced, it is important to have them in as many…

Bonfire night wedding photography ideas

Bonfire Night wedding photography ideas

If your wedding is on or around 5th November and you’re thinking Bonfire Night then here are some awesome Bonfire Night wedding photography ideas to consider! 1. Bonfire silhouette Image by: 2. Spectacular fireworks Image by 3. Sparkler exit kiss Image by: 4. Sparkler exit Image by: 5. Sparkler letters Image by: Bonfire Night wedding photography ideas

Halloween wedding idea - Mr & Mrs pumpkins

5 spooky Halloween wedding ideas

Whether you’re planing a Halloween wedding or you’re just in the spooky frame of mind, here are 5 spooky Halloween wedding ideas! 1. Mr and Mrs letters Image by: 2. Halloween wedding cake Image by 3. Skull centerpieces Image by: 4. Table decorations Image by: 5. Halloween wedding wall art Image by: Halloween wedding ideas

Unplugged wedding parody video by SLF Weddings

Unplugged weddings – a parody video goes viral

There is more and more being said about unplugged weddings but nothing does it better than a recent parody video shared by SLF Weddings. The technology is everywhere and everyone is a photographer these days thanks to smartphones and their cameras. When we are guests at a wedding though would we not want to focus on what is actually happening…