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Couple celebrating their enagagement

3 Great Ways To Celebrate A Friends’ Engagement

If one of your friends has recently become engaged, you’ll no doubt be thrilled for them and want to celebrate with them. Congratulations will be dished out and they may even throw an engagement party, but if it’s somebody really close to you, chances are you’ll want to celebrate with them in a more intimate way too. Seeing a special…

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Engagement ring

A Quick Guide To Choosing An Engagement Ring For Your Partner

For many of us popping the question to our other halves, is one of the most daunting experiences of our lifetime. This age old tradition marks the beginning of a new chapter of both of your lives, and the gateway to a life dedicated to each other. Choosing a ring with which suitably marks the occasion can take weeks, if…

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Bride wearing an Indian wedding dress

A Quick Guide to Buying an Indian Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress may be the most important item of clothing you ever choose. It is the dress you will be wearing when you make the biggest commitment to the person you love the most. So, with such a huge decision ahead of you, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you make sure that you get the perfect…

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Free wedding website by Basic Invite

Free Wedding Website Can Help Streamline the Wedding Planning

In the best of all worlds, wedding websites would look beautiful and also include plenty of time- and money-saving features that can streamline the wedding planning process. That’s exactly what Basic Invite enables you to create with its new collection of wedding themes and templates, all of which can be combined into a fully-featured free wedding website. Matching card designs…

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Newly married Indian couple

Planning your perfect Indian wedding

Wedding planning is often described as bittersweet as it’s a joyous and exciting time, but let’s be honest – there’s also a TON of stress. From choosing venues to vendors, finalizing your guest list, and still managing to get some sleep in between – it can be a long and confusing process. Why not simplify that? Traditionally, Asian wedding directories offer different…

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Wedding invitations

3 Steps to the Ultimate Wedding Suite

Building the ultimate wedding suite might sound like a lot at first thought, but it’s really quite simple if you follow three main steps. Choose your colors. Pick a design. And customize. That’s really all that goes into it! At least when you are using Basic Invite as your wedding invitation vendor – only one of the many perks of…

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Rustic wedding ring bucket

Top alternatives to wedding ring pillows

Regardless your wedding theme (rustic, chic, country, beach, you name it…), you don’t have to be traditional and use a ring pillow. Add a personal touch to your big day. Check out our list below on wedding ring pillow alternatives and complete your unity with a special ring presentation. Something borrowed One of the sweetest things you can use to…

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Wedding car

5 Steps to choosing your wedding car

Choosing your wedding car for your wedding day is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding, along with your dress. After all, this will be the moment when your guests will see you arrive and also leave the ceremony on your wedding. So if you don’t know much about cars you might need a bit…

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Wedding sparklers send off

Ways to create memorable wedding photos

Creating wedding photos that you can be proud of relies heavily on your artistic abilities. Whether you have hired a professional wedding photographer or you’re doing it alone, an artistic eye is vital to making your wedding photos as memorable as possible. Here are a few concepts to help you get your creative juices flowing. One way to create memorable…

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A Quick Guide to Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

A Quick Guide to Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Planning a winter wedding? Here is everything you need to know to melt the hearts of your guests and ward off the dreaded cold feet in one brilliantly quick guide to planning the perfect winter wedding. Equip It There is perhaps only one thing worse than having to brave a standard portaloo and that is having to brave a portaloo…

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